Hands-on Thursday night

I would like to thank all the members at Thursday evenings hands-on, it was our first try at using the new room . I think it was great success and thanks to all who participated, the cleaning went very well and the room was left as clean as we found it. If this continues I think in my opinion we shall be well settled. Also I would like to thank all those members who brought in there own work, it was an excellent show. { and it did not need lighting up this time } Thanks to you all.

The committee advised the meeting of the fire safety arrangements at the college and we carried out a fire drill including an evacuation of the meeting room into the car park ensuring we had the meeting register of attendance with us and explained to everyone were the assembly point was in Gervase Drive.

2 thoughts on “Hands-on Thursday night

  1. Good evening, I wonder if your club could help me out. My children have recently used one of my Ercol chairs as a trampoline, unsurprisingly breaking one of the front legs off. Would it be possible to turn a replacement? The chair is made of English elm but I’d be happy with any wood which will make the chair usable.

    • Hi Steve!
      Of course we can help you out. We might even be able to find a club member willing to provide a suitable piece of elm. It this is urgent, then please say so in a reply post, and we’ll get somebody in touch as soon as possible. Otherwise it would be best if you could join us for our January meeting at the college and we’ll sort something out then.

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