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Let me start by saying that I hope you are all well and safe at this particular time, and that we will be able to start the club nights up in the near future with a lot of luck.

I have seen a couple of these demos and have noticed some club members names come up so I thought that if you all have the information of when they are on might be of interest to you all.

Please note the following dates that Martin Sabin-Smith will be carrying out live demonstrations on Youtube for the rest of April and all of May. All demos will be available for 7 days after the stream.

Martins Youtube Channel – Link

Tue April 7th 7pm ProEdge Sharpening

Sat April 10th 10am Elegant Beginners Bowl

Wed April 15th 7pm Intrinsic Pastels

Wed April 22nd 10.30am Fly on the wall

Sat April 25th 10am Day demo

Tue April 28th 7pm Live demo

Thur April 30th 7pm Live demo

Wed May 6th 7pm Live demo

Sat May 9th 10am Live demo

Wed May 13th 7pm Live demo

Tue May 19th 7pm Live demo

Sat May 23rd 10am Live demo

Wed May 27th 7pm Live demo

More Info – Link

At the time of putting this together The Tiny Turner Emma Cook was trying to set up a similar demonstration set up but at present is having trouble with Youtube and live streaming services, so watch this spot if I hear of anything more.

Tiny Turners Youtube – Link


Barrie Fisher

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