Demo Report – January 2024 – Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau

We start this new year off with our first demonstrator of the year, Our very own club member Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau kindly agreed to start the year with what is becoming his annual demo club, Wolgang is fresh from appearing on Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker 2023, in which he came an excellent 2nd place. During 2023 Wolfgang also transitioned to a professional wood turner. The club wishes him well in his future endeavours.

For tonight’s demo, Wolfgang will be covering some helpful turning basic tool use.

  • How do wood-turning tools cut the wood?
  • Why do you get catches & how to avoid them?
  • Achieving a good surface cut.

To help explain how turning tools cut, Wolfgang will be using extra large dummy tools he has made. There was a Skew, a Spindle Gouge & Bowl Gouge that were all made from wood.

The first tool Wolfgang demonstrated the use of was the spindle roughing gouge.

The skew chisel was next. Wolfgang explained about following the bevel and cutting in the correct area of the cutting edge. He also demonstrated how catches occur.

Next, Wolfgang covered Spindle gouge use.

And finally the bowl gouge.

Members asked relevant questions throughout the evening which is a good thing, with everyone taking in the relevant techniques employed by Wolfgang.

Once again the club would like to thank Wolfgang for the evening’s demonstration and explanations of what was taking place during the demo.

The club would like to give their thanks to all who helped out with both the setting up process and also the cleaning up at the end of the evening.

Report by Steve Hackett

January 2024 – Chairman’s Challenge

This month’s submissions for the Chairman’s Challenge and other items that were made by our club members during the last month.

The challenge was “Any Style Bowl between 100 -150 mm in diameter” and any other items made by members this month

Next month’s Chinwag Zoom meeting is on the 1st of February 2024. The Chairman’s Challenge theme will be “Platter with decorated Rim 150 to 200 mm in diameter”.