All-day hands-on meeting July 2022

Blackcountry Woodturners had their All-day hands-on meeting today. It started at 10.00 and went on till 16.00, this is an event that when allowed is put on at least once a year.

During the day any club member could go along and try out different aspects of turning, this included the following:

  • Sharpening using different types of systems, (Nigel demonstrated his design of holding the gouges)
  • Carving with a rotary device, thanks to Rob
  • Colouring and waxing to develop a finish
  • Aspects of turning for the newer members, thanks to Steve, Roger.

The club was well attended by the committee and had a steady member base drop in during the day with some being in attendance all day.  This aspect of the open day will be an ongoing event in the coming years for the members.  We were also able to sign up a new member during the day who is just starting in the wood adventure.

We had four lathes on the go during the day, which were used to good effect, and some of the newer turners ended up with one-to-one instruction at times and some were given various methods of solving problems that they have encountered in a safe and effective manner.

Though out the day we were able to help ourselves to tea and coffee with biscuits, cake and savoury items provided for everyone, alongside the table with numerous wood blanks and tools for sale.

Ian was also very busy during the day carrying out the PAT testing on all of the club’s electrical items and updating each item with an updated label.

Report by Barrie Fisher and edited by Steve Hackett

2 thoughts on “All-day hands-on meeting July 2022

  1. I have a Record Power DML305VS, with a damaged motor. The rotor spindle has snapped. RP have no spares as the model is no longer in production. Do you know if its repairable? If it is do you know of anyone who can repair it?

    • Hi John,
      I doubt you would be able to get the motor repaired at a reasonable cost, and it would probably work out better to replace the lathe. But we will email our members to see if anybody can help you, but are a small club with around 40 members.

      One other suggestion is to ask the question on one of the Facebook woodturning groups , they can reach a lot more people. the link below is to the “Woodturning UK” group that has some 15k members.

      Maybe if you are local you might consider joining us at the club?

      Many Thanks
      Stephen Hackett
      Membership Secretary
      Black Country Woodturners

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