September 2023 – Members Workshop Evening

The theme for the night was a follow-on from the demonstration by Keith Fenton on our all-day demo, which was a Tee Light with a glass bottle cover.

Thanks go out to Steve for taking his bottle cutter along for the evening and demonstrating how to undertake the marking and separating of the two parts of the bottles. The bottle cutters can be purchased from Amazon.

It must be remembered to keep the boiling water on the mark within the glass bottle for about 20 seconds prior to pouring cold water over the same mark; this process may need to be repeated to cause a separation. This causes a process known as thermal shock.

Thanks also go to Roger Sherwood, who took over the bottle cutter while Steve moved on to a lathe.

At the same time, Roger Cheshire provided some blanks for the 2 lathes that we had out for the evening; the blanks were turned by members with assistance from the lathe masters for the evening, Steve and Roger, into a couple of different designs for the Tee light bases. They get the air to flow through the wood to aid the candle flame.
Thanks go out to Rob for looking after the raffle sales for the evening before taking over the bottle-cutting table from Roger S.

Thanks must also go out to all those responsible for the setup process and packing everything away at the end of the evening.

We must also congratulate Arthur, who will be celebrating his 90th birthday on Saturday. He kindly provided the club with two excellent cakes for the evening and a bottle of Famous Grouse whiskey for the raffle.  

Many thanks, Arthur, for these, and enjoy your day.

Report by Barrie Fisher, edited by Steve Hackett

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